About Reishi Mushroom

Little-big treasure for coffee lovers

First let’s introduce ANi Elixir Mix. It is an instant coffee of premium quality imported from Indonesia mixed with Cordyceps Sinensis powder, Lion's Mane powder and Reishi powder. It has an intense aroma and fine-tuned taste that enchants many coffee lovers. The...

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Not just hemp clothes, even oil!

We all learned at school that our great-grandmothers grew hemp as a grateful plant that year after year gave them clothes. Perhaps all Slovak people remember singing folk song about hemp during a lesson of Music. At that time it was either our favourite or most hated...

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Thistle oil = perfect skin and soft hair

Thistle oil has an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and antioxidant properties that help to improve your skin's condition. For centuries the Milk Thistle has been used to treat various health related difficulties. It helps to remove acne, eczema and clogged pores Milk...

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Reishi benefits

Health effects: 1. Heart Health: Researchers in China and Japan have found that ganoderic acid present in Reish improves blood flow and reduces oxygen consumption in the heart muscle. It also reduces cholesterol levels and inhibits platelet aggregation, which often...

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