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We believe extraordinary coffee leads to an extraordinary life.

Enjoy your favourite cup of tea or coffee with healing and relaxing benefits.

100% arabica

Our coffee is made from 100 % arabica.

High quality of processing

We use high quality procedures to process our coffee and Reishi.


Certified BIO organic REISHI extracts.


Today’s hasty time is not very good for our health. Stress, lack of exercise, poor sleep and unhealthy food are causing more and more illnesses, which are already beginning to bother young people. This is also the reason why there is a growing interest in alternative Eastern medicine.

The rare Reishi mushroom, Latin Ganoderme Lucidum, has long been a very valuable commodity in China. The emperors were willing to pay a lot of gold for it because they knew its miraculous effects on health and prolonging life. Finding it in the wild was very difficult, but thanks to us you can easily get it today.


The history of the Chaga mushroom dates back to the times of Mesopotamia, in whose territory it was often used in medicine. In addition, dried mushroom powder was also used during religious ceremonies. Later, its use spread to the northern parts of Europe, mostly in Russia, where it is also part of traditional medicine. However, it is also included in traditional medicine in China and is not unknown to the people of Japan.

In traditional medicine, the Chaga mushroom has been used mainly to improve overall health. It plays the same role in modern medicine. It also strengthens immunity, as it can alleviate long-term inflammation or rid the body of harmful bacteria and viruses. Eating this mushroom can also help in the treatment of diabetes and heart disease.


I have been using Reishi powder and Reishi powder in tablet form for more than a year and I have noticed a significant improvement in my immunity. After overcoming mononucleosis, I had a very weakened immunity and thanks to the fungus Reishi, I overcame this condition. It is better to invest in natural resources than to do drugs then … Thank you. 🙂

Nora Belíová

Coffee is very good, delicious. Although I drink coffee with milk, some are still more acidic. This one isn’t, she’s great. And, of course, I’m glad it’s good for boosting my immunity, as it also contains Reishi powder. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants more from their coffee.

Lucia Škurlová

I had the opportunity to enjoy ANi coffee with Reishi… and I can say that her delicious taste enchanted me and since then I still enjoy it at home and with friends.

Viera Sepešiová

Why Anilab?

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


To ensure the highest quality of safety for all consumers, our Ganoderma and other health products are manufactured and processed by GMP directives / guidelines of quality manufacturing practices / certified in the factory, which is located in Suché pri Michalovciach.


Are you interested in ways you can improve your health? So you are in the right place.

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