Certified Organic Cold Pressed Prickly Pear/Barbary Fig Seed Cosmetic Oil 50ml


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Prickly Pear Seed Oil ( Opuntia ficus indica )

100 % cold pressed Opuntia oil provides perfect hydration in just a few drops.

Properties: 24-hour hydration with 3 – 4 drops of the oil; it regenerates and softens up the skin, minimizes enlarged pores, acts as a stretching serum, smooths wrinkles around eyes and the mouth, affects circles and bags under eyes, fights flaky skin, perfectly hydrates even very dry skin and alleviates reddened skin

Due to the high vitamin E antioxidant content, essential fatty acids (Omega 6) and sterols, the oil has amazing regenerative effects on the skin. These chemical constituents are naturally generated by the body and influence the condition of the cell membranes.
Effective and potent anti-oxidant that inhibits the skin cell ageing process, stimulating renewal, and actively helps to safeguard against free radicals.
Reduces Wrinkles: Decreases the amount and deepness of creases and furrows in addition to improving or completely diminishing the circles and bags below the eyes.
Lessens redness (rosacea), alleviates sunburn.
Restructuring, repairing and healing properties, bringing improvement to scar tissue.
Firming action: Smoothes with superb tightening effects, restores elasticity, closes pores, toning and firming action
Moisturising and nourishing
Protects the skin against premature aging (anti-aging activities)
Tightens the skin and prevents premature wrinkle formation
Promotes a beautiful and healthy complexion-Reduces the under-eye shadows and eye circles
Very recommendable for dry and rough Hair
Moisturizing and revitalizing
Helps repairing fragile, fissured and lustreless Fingernails
Fatty Acids In Prickly Pear Seed Oil:
Linoleic Acid 62.3% (omega 6) – One of the fatty acids known to be essential for human beings, known for its ability to heal, rehydrate and plump skin.
Oleic Acid 20.6% – Oleic acid’s high lipid count make it highly moisturising, encourages production of anti-oxidants
Stearic Acid 3.2% – Stearic acid helps skin to keep in moisture and remain flexible as well as helping with damage repair
Palmitic Acid 13.2% – Aids reinforcement of the skin’s healthy barrier function for a smoother surface
Tocopherol 895 mg/kg (Vitamin E) – Anti-oxidant, prevents degeneration of the skin, repairs, anti-inflammatory, moisturising

100 % organic cold-pressed single-varietal oil
Packaging: glass bottle


Usage: For perfect absorption every type of oil must be applied on the skin moistened with flower, cleansing or common water.

Storage: in a dark cold place. If the temperature is low, the product may become turbid or may solidify, but the effect fades at room temperature.

Ingredients: 100 % certified organic cold pressed prickly pear seed oil

For external use only!

Country of origin Germany

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