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Black Cumin Seed Oil ( Nigella sativa )

It is high quality organic oil cold pressed from 100 % Egyptian black cumin (Nigella sativa). Besides it culinary use, black cumin also has a lot of important health benefits and is one of the most expensive healing seeds in the world. The major active components contained in the seeds are: thymoquinone, beta-sitosterol, myristic acid, palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphor, and so on. Hundreds of studies have shown that the substances contained in the seeds of black cumin help to fight an increased production of bone marrow. What is more, black cumin is effective at treating the diseases of the respiratory tract, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis and the cold. The seeds boost immunity, stimulate menstruation and increase the flow of breast milk in breastfeeding mothers. The oil helps to calm the nervous system, stimulates urine production, helps to treat cough, improves digestion and helps to reduce high blood pressure. The oil is very effective at treating abscesses of the eye, the stomach and the liver. In addition, black cumin stimulates physical energy and helps in the recovery from depression and fatigue. It is also an effective cure for skin diseases, such as allergies, eczemas, acne and psoriasis.

Edible oil

100 % organic cold-pressed single-varietal oil

Packaging: glass bottle

Nutrition information

Amount per 100 g

Calories – 3429 kJ / 819 kcal

Protein – 0.0 g

Carbohydrates – 0.0 g

Sugars – 0.0 g

Fat – 98.4 g

Saturated fatty acids – 11.9 g

Monounsaturated fatty acids – 21.6 g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids – 64.9 g

Fibre – 0.0 g

Sodium – 0.0 g

The oil does not contain any artificial preservatives or artificial colours.

Storage: keep away from direct sunlight, store at room temperature, refrigerate after opening. If the temperature is low, the product may become turbid or may solidify, but the effect fades at room temperature. Use within 3 month after opening.

Dosage: internal use – 1 teaspoon in the morning (on an empty stomach) and 1 teaspoon in the evening (before bedtime); cold cuisine – according to the taste and the amount of food; external use – as necessary.

Ingredients: 100% organic cold-pressed seed oil

Country of origin Germany

Note from seller

We are committed to ensuring that our products are described and advertised in good faith. The information provided about the beneficial properties of all of our products are acquired from the use and properties commonly attributed to it. It is always recommended to seek the opinion of a professional in the field as the views expressed in the descriptions may vary from person to person’s experience and may not be based on actual facts and benefits of our products.
Please note the outside packaging (bottles or boxes) may look slightly different in shape or colour from shipment to shipment as is stated on our website however it will include exactly the same content.
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