CBD oil 10%




One of the best CBD oils available Swisshempy CBD oils are available in various concentrations, allowing customers to dose CBD according to their personal requirements. Swisshempy CBD oil 5% adds a slight strength to CBD.

How to use natural CBD oil Swisshempy 10%

Swisshempy CBD oil dosing is easy and direct thanks to our convenient dropper bottle design. The recommended dosage for Swisshempy CBD oil 10% is 3 to 4 drops, up to three times a day. Because CBD oil doesn't get you high - and doesn't come with side effects - you can take it without any problems at any time of the day.

Why use CBD oil from Swisshempy?

99.9% high quality CBD
They are without psychoactive effects
They are made from organically grown raw materials in Switzerland, free of pesticides and herbicides
They are manufactured and tested in laboratories and certified for purity and safety according to strict regulations
Properties and effects of CBD oil:

Scientific studies have been conducted at the CBD for several years to verify its beneficial effects. CBD is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive effects, on the contrary, it has calming, relaxing and effective effects in the treatment of disorders and pathological conditions. Scientific research has shown that cannabidiol can be a valuable natural substitute for some drugs.

He proved himself in alleviating various problems:

•headache, migraine
•menstrual pain
•muscle tension
•anxiety, stress, panic attacks
•loss of appetite


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