ANi Reishi coffee 50/50 – MIX roasted and green coffee, 100g




You already have a lot of classic roasted coffee and would you like something a little bit different this time – maybe with even better effects on the organism? We have prepared for you a mix of perfectly tasteful ground 100% Arabica, green coffee with beneficial effects on the body and as a bonus we have mixed in you a Reishi BIO powder – which they know as “panacea” in Eastern cultures.The benefits of green coffeeAs is the case with most foods, coffee also loses the amount of body beneficial substances when cooked (specifically when roasting). Among the most important ones, we can especially stick out antioxidants.They belong to the greatest free-radical fighters. The effect of free radicals can be calmly compared to the browning of fruit. Antioxidants bind to these radicals and thus prevent various degenerative diseases.In particular, the chlorogenic acid, which is also found in green coffee, is attributed to the beneficial effects of being overweight. It helps to burn fat, improve cholesterol and triglycerides.Great taste of roasted 100% ArabicIt is no coincidence that Arabic is the world’s most interested in the world. Her delicious taste has won the hearts of many “coffee makers” and they can no longer imagine their everyday morning without it.Above all, the quality variety and the precise processing of the flavor and aroma that every good Arabica should have. “ANI” products have long been characterized by the highest quality, which aims to offer coffee lovers the best taste experience.In this package we have prepared for you a finely tuned taste of chocolate and walnuts.


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