Ani Reishi Black Coffee with Reishi extract, 60g


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ANi Reishi Instant Black Coffee is premium quality Arabica coffee, imported from Brazil and mixed with Reishi extract in organic quality, which has great effects on human organism. It has an intense aroma and a fine taste.
Ingredients: Instant 100% coffee Arabica (93,3%),Reishi extract  (Ganoderma Lucidum,) 6,7%.
Shelf life: see the packaging. Store in a dry, dark place. Country of origin: Brazil
Dosage and preparation: 3 g  of coffee pour 1,5 dcl of hot water (80 ° C).
Recommended daily dose: 2-3 times daily. Do not exceed the daily dose.
Dont use as substitute of balanced diet.
Coffee Reishi helps to strengthen the immune system.
Content: 60g
Reishi is used as part of the treatment:

strengthen the immune system

support in the treatment of cancer
chronic bronchitis
cardiovascular disease


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