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Swisshempy Isolate is a pure CBD powder for the manufacture of its own CBD products. Isolate extra pure is characterized by a high content of active substance CBD (99.9%) and without THC content. The insulation is odorless and tasteless. THC values ​​may vary depending on the collection.

CBD powder from Swisshempy is obtained from the hemp plant and is the purest form for receiving CBD. Thanks to the purity of the crystals, you can feel the first effects after the first dose of 50 mg.

Taking CBD powder is the most effective and healthy way to take cannabidiol.

Why use CBD powder from Swisshempy?
•99.9% high quality CBD
•They are without psychoactive effects
•They are made from organically grown raw materials in Switzerland, free of pesticides and herbicides
•They are manufactured and tested in laboratories and certified for purity and safety according to strict regulations

Composition of CBD powder:

1000 mg = 99% CBD and 1% terpene
THC = 0%
Properties and effects of CBD powder:
Scientific studies have been conducted at the CBD for several years to verify its beneficial effects. CBD is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive effects, on the contrary, it has calming, relaxing and effective effects in the treatment of disorders and pathological conditions. Scientific research has shown that cannabidiol can be a valuable natural substitute for some drugs. It has been shown to alleviate various problems: - headaches, migraines - menstrual pain - muscle tension - anxiety, stress, panic attacks - nausea - loss of appetite - insomnia Use of CBD powder This is a crystalline powder, whose consistency resembles sugar and whose color may be white.

For a start, the ideal dose is 25 mg, then you can increase it to 50 mg. direct consumption The easiest way to take CBD powder. Put a small amount of CBD powder under the tongue and let it dissolve (30-60 seconds), then swallow. CBD powder has a neutral taste and acts almost immediately. Adding to dishes You can add CBD powder to any dish, e.g. Coffee, tea, cakes, pizza, etc .. (however, do not exceed 180 ° C when baking). The taste of the food does not change and you can benefit from the pleasant effects of CBD during digestion. inhalation The best option is to vaporize in a vaporizer. The vaporization temperature should be 160 ° - 180 ° C to dissolve the CBD powder. Take 1x to 3x daily in an amount of about 15 mg to 45 mg. Skin Care CBD powder can be added to your favorite cream, ointment, shampoo or skin oil (it helps to improve the condition of the skin).

CBD content: 1000 mg CBD

Extraction: 99.9% CBD

Weight: 1g

Form: CBD isolate

Active substance: CBD, Terpenes


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